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The Prize Distribution Ceremony for the 5th MIU Chem-E Car Competition-2019 took place in the morning on 28th of June on Friday at LT1. The Champions for the year 2019 were Divya A/P Dusanthran (Team Leader) of BCHE, Akshay Patel A/L Batchulal of BCHE...
It is well known that proteins exhibit dynamic behavior with their normal modes specifically vibrating at terahertz frequencies. These motions are essential to protein function and because these macromolecules are charged the existence of such...
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Conference Proceedings Conference Publications The ICCI’19 invites researchers, scholars and master’s students to present the different perspectives on contemporary issues in their respective domains. The conference will witness a gamut of...
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Truly International

Since our inception in 2012,
over 1500 students from 34
countries have joined MIU



Truly International

Since our inception in 2012,
over 1500 students from 34
countries have joined MIU



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With our partnerships with international universities that create pathways to Australia, New Zealand, UK, UAE, US, and more, MIU is the right platform for you build an international career. Explore our international pathways below.

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Here is what our students and alumni have to say...

MIU is a very professional institution. In this MBA program, the subjects are taught in a modular basis so students can focus on one subject at a time. The professors are very friendly and we get together like family. I feel that in this environment I can improve myself. I enjoy studying here.

Liang Zhiyi
Master of Business Administration

MIU through its great environment inspired me to join this university. Here, lecturers and students work together as a team, which helps us create a bond with each other. The facilities here are great which supports me. I am proud to be a Manipal student.

Student of Mechanical Engineering

MIU is an awesome university because it lets me interact with smart peers which helps me challenge myself. The lecturers are very knowledgeable. They are there to help me out in any situation - tough or easy. Apart from academic studies, MIU gives us exposure to participate in competition which helps me get practical experience.

Yuvin Karavenan
Student of Civil Engineering

The main reason why I chose this course is because I wanted to have the knowledge on business climates and of course on the global market. The reason why I chose Manipal is because of cultural diversity which I believe that eventually it will help me in the career that I’m trying to pursue in the near future.

Vitiman Tia
Bachelor of Business Administration - International Business

MIU found me a really good company to work with during my internship. While working in the company, I learned so many skills. The most important were decision making and analytical skills. I improved a lot. These skills will help me in my future. I’m very grateful to MIU for giving me this internship opportunity.

Business Administration